About Us

Mind Group- your one stop solution to recruitment & counselling.

When international business had just started pouring in India, the pioneers of Mind Group had forecasted the need of a structured recruitment approach. The company started under the name of CRV Consultants in 1992 and was re-branded in 2005 with the current name, Mind Group.

The company has joined hands with several multinational companies since then to provide them the best talent. Individuals have also been able to fulfill their career dreams seeking the help of the expert consultants of Mind Group.

Our decades of experience have strengthened the companies to face the challenges of a fluctuating economy and run with same ease and capability over the years.

We welcome you to our group and assure you of a long term commitment to provide excellent recruitment and consultation services; the backbone of sustainable business development.

Our Team

  • Jennifer Hill Saran

    Chairperson and Managing Director

    Jennifer Hill Saran, has been a pioneer for women in the telecommunications industry since 1978. Her credentials include a long career in Business Development in the U.S spanning 13 years with Motorola and 3 years with Teleglobe Canada, as well as Regulatory Lobbying and Sales in Asia Pacific. Prior to heading Mind Group, she was an entrepreneur running her own Telecom Brokerage Firm. Jennifer is a graduate in Political Science and International Law from the American University in Cairo. She is fluent in French and Arabic.

  • B.R. Sheaker

    CEO and Group Managing Director

    B. R. Sheaker, brings his two-decade success story as Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mind Group Ltd™, one of the best recruitment organizations in India, to a global reach. He had previously gained experience by working as the India Sales Manager (Science and Industry) with Phillips India and as Manager in TVS Electronics (India 's largest computer peripherals company). Mr. Sheaker holds his degree in Electronics Engineering, from Bangalore University where he specialized in the computer and telecommunications industry. He is the significant contributor in guiding the Group's recruitment...

  • Deepa Murthy

    Joint Group Managing Director

    Deepa Murthy co-founded Mind Group Ltd™ in the year 1992 and holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources from the University of Madras. She has played a key role in driving the strategy, diversification and expansion of the Group. She has been instrumental in restructuring transformational initiatives of several large publicly held IT companies. Deepa serves as a independent director on the board of several Indian entities of US corporates.

  • Jansi Ganapathy

    Director, IT Business

    Jansi Ganapathy, has been with the company for over 10 years. She started as a consultant and currently manages the Product Applications Business unit for Mind Select™. This BU sources manpower for product companies that work in the Enterprise Infrastructure area, Telecom Applications and Research & Development.

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