Mind Search Consultants

Mind Search has earned a position of high standing in the Executive Search Industry. Our track record in Executive Senior Management search and placement in the Asia Pacific Region and the world is unparalleled. We provide localized services with an international perspective giving our clients access to the best matches in skill sets and intellectual capital.

Our team comes with a rich and in-depth experience, covering North America, Europe, and Asia, including India, China, and Australasia. Our understanding and hands-on experience in the international business arena gives us a deep appreciation of the challenges and needs of our clients in a growing global economy. Our professionals know what it takes to build a successful management team, and how to use that knowledge in a pro-active manner with the aim of adding value to our clients.

We pride ourselves on our close relationships with many top level multinational and local companies

Mind Search™ specialises in Executive Senior Management search the areas of:

  • I.T. & Technology
  • Systems
  • Applications
  • Process
  • Finance
  • Asset Management
  • Private Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Infrastructure
  • Telecom
  • Legal
  • Biotechnology
  • Manufacturing

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